2019 • Canada

A half-hour, single-camera workplace comedy like The Mindy Project or Parks and Recreation starring Erin Karpluk (Being Erica).

With no actual healthcare experience to speak of, CARRIE, the ruthless and resourceful owner of a downtown ‘wellness’ clinic tries to keep her trendy business afloat and its atmosphere tranquil and restorative, despite the constant behind-the-scenes conflicts and crises of her dysfunctional staff. From acupuncture to astral projection therapy, the West End Wellness Clinic has it all. But these centuries-old traditions don’t always play nice… Beneath the smiling, wheatgrass-fed complexions, there exists a maelstrom of strife and spite. Here the therapists are the ones most in need of therapy, and clients from all walks of life supply it over a steady stream of cathartic cuppings, candlings and kombucha.


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