The Teen Age


The Teen Age

2051 • Canada

There is a tent site that campers build themselves, a messhall with a broken porch, a theatre that used to be green if you look closely at the chipped paint remains, and a field. The waterfront is down the hill and the woods go all the way back to the highway. Cell phones don’t work here, and yet, this is teenage heaven. There are only two age groups for the campers at CAMP NEPTUNE. They are divided into two units, ROOKIES and POSTS.

ROOKIES are fifteen-year old campers. This is their first year at Camp Neptune. They are both excited and terrified. POSTS are sixteen-year old campers. This is their second and final year at Camp Neptune.

The Teen Age explores a group of teens at the formative days of summer camp, and live their awkward, honest, sometimes horrifying and sometimes hilarious experiences as they navigate their way through a summer without adults.

Created by Jason Stone and Carly Stone.


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