The Architypes

2019 • Canada

Look past the facade of a great building and you will find a life story contained within. Our built environment is created from experiences and perspectives as much as wood or steel. ‘Architypes’ is a considered exploration of the personalities and works of some of today’s leading architects from around the world. By telling their stories we bring audiences inside their work and reveal the connections between soul and form.

Architects are compelling characters. Seeking to refine and improve the world around them, they are constantly immersed in the process of asking and answering great questions. Beyond the basic function of sheltering us from the elements, architecture brings us into direct relationship with our surroundings. A corridor invites us further into a home, a rhythm of beams is broken to call our attention to an element outside, a change in scale prepares us as we head towards a master bedroom to turn in for the night. Each of these choices suggests great contemplation about how we relate to the built environment and how in turn, it helps shape who we are.

Documentary series by the team who created Coast Modern


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