Coast Modern

2012 • Canada

A core group of architects embraced the West Coast from Vancouver to LA with its particular geography and values and left behind a legacy of beautiful and inspired dwellings. Today, architects explore and celebrate the principles established by their predecessors. Discussions with several architects including Dion Neutra – son and partner of Modernist pioneer Richard Neutra, Michelle Kaufmann, Barbara Lamprecht, Pierluigi Serraino, John Cava, James Steele, James Cheng, and Henrik Bull give insight into what made Modernism on the West Coast so unique and how this approach is even more relevant to our lives today.

Directed by Michael Bernard and Gavin Froome, Editor / Story Editor Peter Roeck

Among several festivals and screenings, the film was also invited to screen at the 2012 Architectural Biennale in Venice.

Produced for Knowledge Network, TVO, AVRO and SCN with the assistance of the Roger’s Documentary Fund.

Available on Vimeo, and iTunes.


Leah Mallen ♦ Producer Marc Stephenson ♦ Producer

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