Book of Darryl

2023 • Canada

For 16 year old Jesus, life in the suburbs of Roman-occupied Nazareth is a real drag – especially when everyone at your high school thinks you’re a freak, your parents expect you to be The Messiah, and you’re convinced the spots on your forehead are sure signs of leprosy. When ‘Jay’ and his doting best friend Darryl form a band, they discover the most potent force of all time – the power of METAL.

Metal Messiah is a short-form serialized animation from cult GIF animator Scorpion Dagger (James Kerr), interactive storytelling legends The Goggles and production companies All In Pictures and Closer Productions. Closer are the company behind 3 recent Sundance feature film hits – Shut Up Little Man! An Audio Misadventure, 52 Tuesdays and more recently Sam Klemke’s Time Machine. The Goggles are a multi-Webby award winning company from Canada, whose work encompasses film, book writing and interactive media. Metal Messiah is based on the team’s digital project The Book of Darryl - a 9000-word augmented reality novel featuring over 100 GIF animations from Scorpion Dagger set to an original metal musical score, to be published in 2019 by MCD books, an imprint of FSG.

Leah Mallen ♦ Producer Marc Stephenson ♦ Producer

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