Teenage Jesus Metal Messiah

For 16 year old Jesus, life in the suburbs of Roman-occupied Nazareth is a real drag – especially when everyone at your high school thinks you’re a freak, your parents expect you to be The Messiah, and you’re convinced the spots on your forehead are sure signs of leprosy. When ‘Jay’ and his doting best friend Darryl form a band, they discover the most potent force of all time – the power of METAL.

Jay is feeling the pressure from his dysfunctional family. His two Dads couldn’t be more different – one is a vengeful deity prone to using lightning bolts and locust plagues to get what he wants, the other is a dead­beat hippie who thinks Jay is just going through a ‘phase’. His Mother Mary, the town’s busybody, keeps embarrassing him by loudly announcing that her son is God’s Gift to Humanity. All Jay wants is to be left alone to skate, play arcade games and chill at the mall.

When Jay and Darryl discover an old guitar one night at Lonely Crossroads (the town’s only burger joint), a mysterious character appears and introduces them to the ‘the ‘diminished 5th’ (aka the ‘devils chord’). It’s a sound like none they’ve ever heard, and they’re instantly hooked. While jamming they invent an incredible new sound. They dub it ‘Heavy Metal.’ Everyone hates it, but Jay knows he’s got to spread the good word. To the horror of his family, Jay’s finally found his calling, and it mostly involves screaming.

Pretty soon they recruit others to the band – Judas on bass & Mary M on drums, and the gang toss their tunics for a radical new look of black tees and denim. Jay has a vision for their future – to get out of back­water Naz and hit the big time in Rome. After the band records their demo ‘Watermelon Pie’, they sneak around late at night trying to shoot their first music video to promote it. But it’s hard to fulfill your true destiny when the local Roman constabulary is out to get you, the townspeople want to stone you to death for making otherworldly noises and one of your Dads is always smiting people who get in your way…

In the brutal world of Nazareth, 16AD, Jay has a lot to deal with just in order to shred.

From cult Gif animator Scorpion Dagger (James Kerr) and interactive storytelling legends The Goggles digital studio, this animated series will explore a side of the Messiah we haven’t seen before.