Chasing Steve documentary gets funded!

Telus Originals has green-lit the amazing story of the Chasing Steve documentary film that will be produced and directed by Leah Mallen and Jessica Fraser.  When a group of photographers from Alberta discovered a never-before seen aurora which some scientists are debating if it is can be put in a similar category as what has been deemed aurora borealis.  But not only did they citizen scientists bring this new phenomenon to NASA and expert scientists, but they also got to name their find “STEVE” which has now been officially given a backronym: Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.

Now, the fervour to see, and capture Steve on film has grown among these enthusiasts and the fact that their photographs and accounts are proving essential to understanding what Steve is, and are gaining fans worldwide.  Jessica and Leah will document the continuing communal journey these photographers are embark on to chase Steve.

This short documentary  film will be available next year.


Photo courtesy of Brie Hawkins – JB Hawkins Photography