The Rose of Tralee

Feature Film created by Albyn Leah Hall, written by Annemarie Morais







Maggie is coming to Ireland, the land she has always pictured in her mind’s eye from the stories shared by her father, her mother to participate in the traditional Rose of Tralee Pageant to prove herself as a daughter of this homeland. Yet despite her crowning and her participation in this show of Irish-ness, she finds herself yearning for more authentic Irish culture and falls hard for the local bad-boy musician.  Their escape from the obligations of the newly crowned Rose creates a nation-wide scandal and their traverse to the countryside is met with displeasure and judgement. Yet Maggie must figure out who she is  and what she stands for, rather than the idealistic traits a pageant girl should have.  Her journey takes very unexpected turns and trials, all the while the Celtic session music takes hold of her and changes her forever.

In Development