Graphic novel Friends With Boys optioned

All In Pictures has acquired the rights to Faith Erin Hicks’ YA graphic novel Friends with Boys.

Maggie has to navigate the new waters of high-school with the added fact that she has never been to a public school, ever. Because her mother home schooled her her whole life up to now, Maggie must now make friends with people who aren’t her three brothers. Which maybe means that she is attracted to the other outsider girls and they form a bond.  But Maggie has another issue to contend with; the fact that she has been plagued by a silent yet unthreatening ghost, and she doesn’t even have her mother around to talk to who has decided to take a leave from the family without much communication as to why. Hicks’ novel captures adolescence in all its wonder and awkwardness perfectly, and FWB will be the next generations’ “My So Called Life” with maybe some “Tortoro” thrown in.